One by one, our kids started arriving on Tuesday for the Thanksgiving holiday and by Thursday evening all had arrived.  Kim and I have four kids and with significant others, we can get a full house pretty fast.  Oh, and I forgot to mention an extra dog or two around the house.  Our quite empty nester house of two gets a lot of energy in it during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

To be honest with you, all the energy can become overwhelming at times for me. Several times over the holiday weekend I had to remind myself that the time will come when not all the kids will be able to come home for the holidays.  I have mentioned before that we don’t always know something was the last time until it was just that, the last time.  

I know my kids being home all at one time will become further and further apart until one day it will be the last.  

The biggest takeaway I had from the Thanksgiving weekend was to cherish the moments we had with our kids being home reminding myself that one day all the energy will not be there. That energy that once caused some overwhelm will cause some sadness because it will not be there.  

My challenge to myself and each of you, in the moment to remind ourselves of what we are experiencing because one day that experience won’t be there.  The experience will only be a memory and why not make that memory the most exciting memory we have.

Be present in the moment.  

Your Friend,