My Hometown 

About My Hometown

Aaron grew up in Bowie, a small town in North Texas. Aaron’s favorite way to travel is taking road trips for the opportunity to stop in small towns along the road to his destination. In traveling Aaron realized that Bowie is similar to many other small towns in our nation. The similarity of small towns is that often the town has unnoticed value from the businesses, the organizations, the history and of course the people. Join Aaron each week as he shares part of his hometown that is not so different than those we may drive through on our favorite road trips. Welcome to My Hometown.


“Doing this challenge has been so much more than just weight loss, I am finding myself in this. I am teaching myself to trust myself and have a renewed confidence.”
30 Day Obsession
“Our mindset coaching group has definitely made me more accountable in all areas of my life. It has made me realize I have the power to make my life the life I want. It has equipped me with great tools to use to change my perspective, create a positive attitude, and live a life of gratitude.”
Mindset Group Coaching
“I started working out with Aaron to fit back into my smaller clothes, but I gained so much more than changing my physical appearance. Not only was I able to take control of my stress & anxiety, I feel stronger than ever, and have a much healthier mindset around pursuing my goals.”
Women's Group Class

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