A couple of weekends ago, our grandson, Calum, who is two and a half years old, came to stay with Kim and me for the weekend.  He lives in Oklahoma, so it has been a month since we saw him.  I got home from the gym that Friday morning, and he heard me enter the door.  When I come into the house when he is there, I always say a funny phrase, and he finishes it.  When I got to him in the living room, he ran to me, and I picked him up.  In the sweetest voice, he said, “I missed you,” while he hugged me.

He said, “I missed you,” in the most sincere and sweetest voice.  When I heard him say it, I became aware that sometimes I might say things to others without the sincerity of my young grandson.

At that moment, I was challenged to be aware when speaking to others and to use sincerity in my words so that others may feel like I did when Calum talked to me. 

I want to challenge each of us to say the words others might want or need to hear with sincerity because of how it will make others feel. Words have amazing power, and paired with sincerity; they can reach a soul in a person’s life. 

Power your next words up with the sincerity of a two-and-a-half-year-old named Calum.

Your Friend,