A couple of weeks ago, Kim and I went on a trip to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  While on our trip, we reminisced about the last 20 years and all the ups and downs of the speed at which those 20 years went by.  

My dad’s words, “The days are long, but the years are short,” kept coming back to us while we reminisced.   

Many times during the past twenty years, we have asked if we could get past this day or this week things would be easier or different.  We would get through those days or weeks and be so grateful we were finally through them.  We would even find ourselves saying we were ready to start a new year because the year before may have been a difficult one.  

We realized while we were on our trip and reminiscing that time flyes by, and the years truly are short when the days seem so long at times.   

My challenge to each of us is to celebrate those long days as best we can because the years will fly by, and we will wonder where those long days went.  

We should not wait to celebrate life year to year but celebrate life day to day because those make up the years we celebrate.  

Your Friend,