The rain in North Texas has been plentiful over the last month.  We have been very thankful for all the rain, but mowing is a little challenging.  The grass is growing at an exceptional rate, but the ground is not drying at an exceptional rate.  

I was out mowing over the weekend on my riding mower, trying to get the grass under control before it began to rain the next day.  I wanted to get a little more mowed when the ground sank below my mower.  The more I tried to get out the more the tires spun and got deeper in the mud.  I had to get off the mower and try to push it out of the muddy hole created by the tires.  I was making a little progress, but not much.  

My neighbor was out painting a fence and came over to help me. I took both of us to get the mower out of the mud. I pulled, and he pushed. 

Sometimes, in life, we get stuck in the mud and decide that if we just spin the tires a little more, we can get out. We spin the tires a little more, and we just get deeper in the mud.  Then, we find ourselves trying to pull ourselves out, only to make little to no progress.  A friend stops what they are doing because they see us struggling in the mud and offers to give us a hand.  Our friend puts just as much effort into pulling us out of the mud as we put in.

I challenge each of us to realize that sometimes we get ourselves deep in the mud because we are trying to do just a little more. Find those friends that will come along and help you out of the mud.  

Your Friend,