Over the weekend, my wife, Kim, went on a girl’s trip to North Carolina.  I was left unsupervised all weekend.  

What does one do when left unsupervised all weekend?  

I may have eaten a few things I don’t usually eat. 

I may have watched some action movies and dumb comedies. 

I may have left the bed unmade.

I may have left some dishes in the sink overnight.  

I may not have talked to anyone all weekend.   

Kim and I were both looking forward to our weekends and had been planning them for months.  She, with her girlfriends about where they were going and what they were doing. Me, planning my not-so-healthy meals, my action movies, and my isolation.   

Many may not know but I am an introvert but my work requires me to be an extrovert so the way I recharge is by being alone. The quiet over the weekend was nice to recharge and get ready for the months ahead.  

Kim recharges by traveling with her friends, seeing new places, and having new experiences.  She comes home happy and excited to have a few days away.  

As she and I texted back and forth over the weekend we realized that we were both being recharged in different ways.  I was happy for her and she was happy for me. 

I challenge each of us to find ways to recharge our energy and also to give others in our lives room to be able to recharge their energy in a way that suits them best.  We are each unique humans and should celebrate our uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.  

In what ways are you able to recharge your energy?

Your Friend,