A bunch of my small business owner friends and I decided to put boxes out to collect food for our local food bank.  I made a post on social media challenging my fellow business owners to post a picture of the boxes they had out.  I posted a picture of mine and mentioned that I had hesitated to set out my boxes because they were not decorated and were just plain boxes.  I didn’t want to wait to put them out until they were pretty so I mentioned I just did it ugly and put them out so we could start collecting food.  

How many times do we not do something because it doesn’t look polished enough for perfect? 

I challenge each of us to “Do It Ugly”!  We need to stop cheating ourselves and others of our gifts because we are waiting for the “perfect” time, look, way, understanding, and all the other perfect things we are waiting for.   

Stop making excuses and start doing it ugly!

Your Friend,