I was busy cleaning the restrooms at Synergy Fitness yesterday when I thought if only people could see how glamorous being a small business owner was.  Actually, I was busy scrubbing the toilet when that thought hit me. 

As a small business owner, I hear often how wonderful it must be to own my own business.  

I take off when I want to, with no pay.  

I get to take all those dollars customers give me, to pay for machines that break, new equipment, AC, heat, maintenance, taxes, along with all the unexpected expenses that arise.  

I get to work in a clean environment, which I constantly vacuum, wipe down, dust, scrub, straighten, and sweep.  

I get to make all the decisions, the ones that bomb, the ones that have a little bit of success, and all the ones in between looking for the right ones to move my business forward.  

Being a small business owner takes work that no one ever sees but hopefully many appreciate.  

Being a small business owner is not much different than what each of us experiences daily. We run a successful household but no one ever sees the dinners made, the cleaning done, the structure it takes to raise our family, the late nights of homework, or the early mornings at work.  

Others may not see the work we put in at the gym or the time we spend meal preparing.  

Others may not see the sacrifices we made at the moment to reach our goal in the future.   

Others may not have seen the work we put into ourselves to become a better human being.  

My challenge to each of us is to recognize that no matter how easy we think other’s lives may be, we do not always see behind closed doors.  Behind those closed doors is often where all the hard work is done to make it look easy on the other side of the door.  

Take a peek behind the door before you judge.  

Your Friend,