Each week, I send out this email titled “Fit By Friday.”  I have many new subscribers to my weekly email, and I thought I would take a moment to share where the idea for Fit By Friday came from.   

When my oldest daughter, Morgan, was old enough to read, she saw a book on our coffee table.  The title she read was “How to Have a New Baby by Friday.”  Can you imagine her excitement when she thought we would have a new baby by Friday?

We had to burst her bubble and tell her we were not having a new baby by Friday.  The book was simply about how to adjust the behaviors of the parents in order to help the baby adapt.  We had had this book for a long time as our youngest daughter was now 7.  

Having a new baby by Friday was not necessarily an action that could be taken to have a better-behaving baby by Friday.  Having a new baby by Friday was about the mindset and perspective of a baby and how that could change everything for the parents.

As I thought about the book title and noticed that Fridays at the gym were one of the lowest attendance days, I began to joke and say everyone must be fit by Friday.  Like the book title, no one would have a new baby by Friday, just like gym goers weren’t fit by Friday.  Not coming on Friday was all about their mindset.  I think I have done plenty all week, so I will treat myself and not go to the gym on Friday.  

Were they Fit By Friday?  

Probably not, but their mindset said, fit enough for this week.  

I began Fit by Friday emails to give the reader a personal story from me, along with a lesson to be gleaned from the story to help alter perspective and mindset. With each lesson and challenge a change begins to happen and we become more mentally fit.  

Will we ever be Fit by Friday?

No, because when we arrive on Friday, we say, “I can do more.”  

In the words of Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest of the story.”  

Your Friend,