There is a movie titled “Click” with Adam Sandler.  In the movie, he finds a remote control and can use it to pause, rewind, or fast-forward life.  He uses it a lot to fast forward through all the hard things and situations that are uncomfortable, or he doesn’t like.  The remote starts to get customized to his usage and starts fast-forwarding more and more until he realizes he is old and has been fast forward, not just through the tough things but also the good things, and he missed experiencing much of his life.

I began to think about the movie and thought many of us are guilty of the same thing. No, we don’t have a remote that we can use to fast-forward through life, but aren’t we guilty of trying to rush through things in life?  

When our kids are little, we say, “I can’t wait till they are out of diapers.”  

Growing up, we say, “I can’t wait till I am out of school.”

As we age, we say, “I can’t wait till retirement.” 

We may not have a remote, but we “can’t wait” ourselves through life. 

Our kids are only little once, and we never get to go back to those moments again.

We get to retirement age, look back, and say where did the years go?  There was more I wanted to accomplish.  

We leave school and wish we could go back because now we have to assume all the roles of responsibility in adulthood.

My dad wrote me an email one day, and one sentence stood out.  “The days go by slow, and the years go by fast.”

I challenge each of us to appreciate the slow days because the years will zoom by like the fast-forward button on the remote. When we hit the fast-forward button too much, we will reach the end of life and say to ourselves, “I missed so much.”  

It’s time to hit the “in the moment” button and experience life.

Your Friend,