We are closing out the first month of 2024.  

We started out January 1st with big hopes, new goals, fresh dreams, and an attitude of it’s time to conquer the year.  

Almost 31 days later, how are you feeling about the New Year?  

Studies show that well over 80% of people have some hope but are unsure about their new goals; the dreams are fading, and the attitude of the year is becoming very real.  

You may be one of those in the 80%.  

You might be saying well, that is about right, it happens every year.  I start out with big dreams, and they get squished right out of the gate.  

The issue is we weren’t ready for those new goals, fresh dreams, and the conquer attitude.  

Why weren’t we ready for all of those?  We didn’t spend the time in 2023 getting the habits in place for our new goals, fresh dreams, and conquering attitude.  

Have no fear; there is still time to implement those habits for an excellent 2024.  

I challenge each of us to begin with one new small habit that will drive us toward our new goals and fresh dreams.  The habit doesn’t have to be earth-shattering.  A one-degree change over time can put you at 180 degrees from where you are.  

Who is with me to make a one-degree change starting today?

Your Friend,