Good Morning Friends!!

Friday afternoon, I got home from the gym and was getting my stuff out of the back seat of my truck when my Bible fell on the ground. I picked it up, hoping it hadn’t been scuffed up. The moment I had that thought as I picked it up, the next thought was that my bible was not scuffed up enough. 

I shouldn’t want a nice, pretty-looking Bible. Shouldn’t we all want a Bible that looks worn, tattered, and very used?  

My bible falling out of the truck and onto the ground was a nudge from God saying hey, this bible looks a little too pretty.  Dig into the word more and get this book worn and tattered.  

My challenge to myself, and one I want to share with each of you, is, how are you living?  

Are we living in a way that keeps the good book new and shiny, which may mean we are not in it enough?

Or are we carrying around a bible that looks like we have done a lot of living through the word?

Our challenge is enormous. 

The answer we choose to give is up to each of us as we decide our walk with Him.

Your Friend,