Last week, I spoke to a group of ladies during a workshop called “Plant Your Dream, Grow Your Vision.”

I shared with them the power of picking a word for their year.  I also shared with them how to plant their word, grow their word, their dream, into a vision that would change their year.  

To grow dreams into a vision, they must be backed by action. A dream is just a dream unless action is applied to the dream.

I encourage family, friends, and clients each year to choose a word that will drive their year and, in a way, drive their dreams for the year. 

When they pick a word, it is now planted into their mind for the year.  The word will alter decisions being made because of its power. The action they take is because of the word they chose because they chose it because it was something in their life they wanted to improve in their life.  

My challenge to each of us is to choose a word to challenge us to alter our decisions to take action, driving us towards our vision for our year. We have the power to plant our dreams and the ability to grow our vision with time and intention. 

What will you plant?

Your Friend,