Perspective can be your prison, or it can be your power.  

Over the holiday, right before Christmas and shortly after New Year, my mom was having some health issues, which caused her to be in and out of the hospital. I spent time going to and from the hospital and taking my parents back and forth to doctor appointments.  

My perspective could have gone either way this holiday season as I was preparing for rest and relaxation over the holiday.  Instead, it was a busy holiday with my mom in and out of the hospital. 

My perspective is my power. Over the holiday, I was able to spend more time with my parents than I have in years.  I was able to see my sister over the holidays more than I have in 20 years.  I was able to talk to my brother many times over the holidays, which hasn’t happened during a holiday in more than 25 years.

Family time during the holidays doesn’t always look like we think it may or should, but for me, over this holiday season, I was able to spend time with my parents and siblings in a way that I hadn’t done in years. 

My mom is getting stronger each day and on her way to a full recovery, and my family was blessed this holiday season by being able to spend time with one another in a way we hadn’t in over 25 years. 

Our perspective is our choice.  We have the choice to choose a prison or power.  

I challenge each of us to choose your perspective as your power.  If we have a choice, why would we ever choose a prison that confines us and holds us in a way that prevents us from seeing the beauty of the opportunity we are given? 

In challenging times, take time to think and understand how you can use perspective as your power.

Your Friend,