How many times have you been driving along the road and looked over and saw a pasture that was plowed and ready to be planted?  If you are like me you see that a lot and I always wonder what will be planted in the ground that is ready to accept anything the farmer wants to plant.  

Last week in my mindset coaching group we compared our minds to the plowed fields of the farm.  The farmer is cultivating those fields to be ready for the seed that he plants.  

Our minds are not much different from the farmer’s fields.  We must cultivate our minds for what we want to plant.  To cultivate our minds we must begin to prepare and open them for what we plan to plant.  

Last week our group discussed cultivating a positive mindset.  A positive mindset doesn’t just happen.  

What happens if the farmer tries to plant in hard ground that hasn’t been prepared for the planting?  The seed just lays on top of the ground and never takes root.  

Same is true with each of us.  If we don’t prepare our mind for a changed mindset nothing will happen.  The change will just sit there and never take root and make actual change.  

I challenge each of us this week to start cultivating your mind for the things you want in your life.  We must start preparing our minds to allow the growth we want to take root and grow thus creating actual and long lasting change.   Each of our cultivations will look different depending on the ideas and goals we wish to achieve.  

Cultivate your mind to be ready for the seeds you wish to take root.  

Your Friend,