Most every Saturday evening for supper, I head up to a truck stop about a mile from my house to get Kim and me burgers and fries. They may be the best burger and fries in town or well right out side of town.

About three or four months ago, the price of burgers and fries went up about 50%, and I was shocked.  The lovely lady who always waits on me apologized repeatedly and said they had not increased in price for the past three years. 

Guess what…

I still go every Saturday evening to pick up burgers and fries, even at a higher cost.  Yes, they are that good.  

My point is that what initially shocks us, we begin to accept until it becomes the norm.  I now go each week knowing the price of our Saturday evening meal.  

My challenge to each of us is to be aware of what we accept when we are shocked or appalled at the thought of the change.  Those things that once shocked us become our norm, and as we allow our norm to change, so do we allow ourselves to change.  

We have a choice regarding accepting new norms or holding tight to our current ones.  Choose your norms with eyes wide open.  

Your Friend,