Good Morning Friends!!

Last week, Kim and I were excited to celebrate the arrival of our newborn grandson. Over the weekend, we headed up to Oklahoma to meet our new grandson, and as I held him, he seemed so tiny, sweet, and delicate.  

Looking at him, I began to think about his big life ahead of him.  A new start to the world waiting for him to make his way, almost like a book with blank pages in it with the title “The Greatest Story Ever Written.”  He was given that book on the day he was born, and it is now up to him to begin writing his story.  

We look at babies and think of the new, fresh start a new child brings into the world, and we sometimes wish we had the same new start as an adult. 

Are we not given that fresh new start every day we wake up? 

We are given a new day to begin making different decisions and rewriting our story, starting with the small choices we make each new day. Our story will not change instantly by the next page or day, but over time, as we make those decisions, our story changes, and by the end, we can have a completely different story to tell than we began. 

I challenge each of us to look at tomorrow as a new blank page that we can begin writing a different story if we so choose.  The blank page can start with a tiny change that is almost unnoticeable until it begins to change your current story. 

Turn the page to see where “The Greatest Story Every Written” will lead you.

Your Friend,