Good Morning Friends!!

Last week, I got a piece of gym equipment delivered that had to have a pallet jack used to get it from the semi-truck into the gym. As I looked at this enormous and heavy box, I began to think, how am I going to get it from its current spot to where I need it to go in the gym?  

There was only one way…

I had to carry all the pieces to the room where I wanted to assemble the new machine.  Piece by piece, I carried the machine to where I wanted to assemble.   

How often do we look at a project or life situation and say to ourselves, “This is too big to handle”?

If you are like me and the big boxed-up piece of equipment at the gym, often we look at a project or life situation as this big huge thing that we cannot move.  

I challenge each of us to constantly look for a way to break that big project or overwhelming life situation into little pieces that we can take action on one at a time.  As we move one piece, we return to work on the next and the next, and with time and consistency, we realize that the once overwhelming box is empty and we have completed the task at hand.  

In what way do you need to empty your big, overwhelming box?

Your Friend,