Ever wondered about the power of resilience and choice in shaping one's life? 

This episode invites you on an intimate journey of Aimee` Ashley, a well-loved member of our Bowie, Texas community. From her early life in Bowie to moving away for college and then finding her way back, Aimee` navigates life’s surprises and challenges with a remarkable spirit. She shares her experience of uncovering her Attention Deficit Disorder as an adult and how adapting her learning style has empowered her to thrive despite it.

But that's not all. Aimee` lays bare her voyage through marriage, motherhood, navigating mental health issues, divorce, and finding her true calling in real estate. She speaks candidly about life-altering conversations, forming the Free Bird Group, and the trials she faced on her path to achieving personal goals. Her story of resilience, faith, and self-love after divorce is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Hear how Aimee's faith, her supportive community, and her dedication to self-reflection played vital roles in her healing process and her journey toward success.

As we uncover Aimee's story, we reflect on the significance of listening to your inner voice and pursuing your purpose, no matter what life throws your way. We delve into how the Bowie community rallied together during difficult times and the sense of belonging and security a supportive hometown can provide. Aimee's journey is a stirring reminder of what can be achieved when resilience, faith, and a supportive community come together. So, tune in, and be inspired by Aimee's incredible journey of faith, resilience, and success. Don't miss this powerful tale of transformation and triumph.

Music by: Kim Cantwell

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