Imagine a high school romance evolving into a mission of love and service, transforming the hearts of both the lovers and those they serve. 

Meet Brent and Stacy Tarr, our inspiring guests and founders of Tiny Hearts of Hope in Vietnam, who recount their journey from Washington State to the bustling streets of Saigon. Their story, filled with moments of faith and challenges, will take you through their decision to adopt a little girl from Vietnam, the cultural adjustments required, and the significant role faith played in their journey. 

Now, you may wonder, what is it like to do missionary work in Vietnam? 

Let Brent and Stacy give you an inside look. They share their initial experience at a local orphanage that opened their eyes to the harsh realities of poverty and despair. The couple's journey of faith and service eventually led to the formation of a 501 C3, allowing them to start ministering in orphanages. Through their tales of navigating the cultural differences of Saigon, miraculous experiences, and how their children embraced Vietnamese culture, you'll be moved by their dedication and passion. 

Don't miss the evolution of their mission trip to Vietnam in 2006 into a full-time ministry. Brent and Stacy offer insights into how they reshaped their business model, expanded their ministry, and quickly adapted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Their decision to stay in the US to care for their aging parents, manage their ministry from afar, and witness the explosive growth of the gospel in Vietnam paints a powerful testament to the power of divine intervention. This episode is not just a heartwarming story but an inspiring testament to how hope and faith can guide our steps.