Imagine discovering a life-changing mission born out of a broken foot, a voyage to an Indian village, and the determination of three courageous men. That's the captivating genesis of the Bible Baptist Translators Institute (BBTI). Join me as I sit down and chat with Rex Cobb, the current director of BBTI, unraveling the dynamic narrative behind this impactful institution.

We delve into the transformative journey of BBTI, from its humble beginnings over 50 years ago to being a beacon of support for missionaries across 56 countries today. Rex shares fascinating insights into the nine-month program, the ingenious approach to funding, and how they've managed to revolutionize missionary preparation. You'll hear about their students, who receive their education free of charge, and how the staff sustains this through the support of churches, graduates, and individual contributors. You won't want to miss the inspiring story of a graduate who mastered the art of drywall before embarking on a mission to China.

As we round off our chat, we delve into the often-underestimated significance of missions in today's world and how we can contribute to nurturing future missionaries. Rex underscores the necessity for active church and individual engagement in missions, be it through prayer, financial aid, or local community work. We also share some moments of profound gratitude and words of encouragement for those contemplating a life in missions. So come, embark on this stirring journey of faith, resilience, and service, and discover the incredible legacy and ongoing work of BBTI.