Ever wondered about the journey of a small town local business, the evolution of media, and how one woman manages to juggle it all? 

This riveting episode featuring lifelong Bowie resident and entrepreneur, Carol Ann Head, is a testament to the power of community, involvement, and giving back.

The heart of our conversation revolves around Carol's experience in the media industry, specifically her pivotal role at the Montague  County Shopper. Carol takes us down memory lane as she shares her journey from the good old days of cutting and pasting paper to the sophisticated printing process today.  She reveals the significant changes that the Montague County Shopper has undergone since she took over in 2005, including the transition to a larger size newspaper.   

In the latter part of our episode, Carol shares her insights on the importance of community involvement. We discuss her work with the Bowie Chamber of Commerce and the Jim Bowie Day Association, and the significance of volunteering and supporting local businesses. Furthermore, Carol takes us through her journey into real estate and how she successfully balances her career in media, real estate, and giving back to her community. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with Carol Ann Head as she exemplifies the power of engagement, hard work, and the ripple effect of giving back to one's community. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a local business supporter, or someone who loves an inspiring success story, this episode promises to be an engaging one. Join us as we explore the world of media, community, and real estate through Carol's journey.

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