Remember when we started that simple Facebook Live show? 

We never envisioned it would bloom into the podcast you hear today. This episode of the Mind Body Project is a heartwarming reflection of our humble beginnings and how the power of gratitude played a significant role. Not just during the holiday season, but every day, even during the toughest times. Listen as we share how this simple yet transformative habit can inject positivity into your life, turning your outlook around.

Joining the conversation, Aaron Degler opens up about his journey and the lessons he's learned along the way. He shares his experiences of neglecting his own personal growth, but also the resilience and drive he had to always find his way back. We discuss the importance of planting seeds for personal growth and how this is a key mission at the Mind Body Project. Aaron's candid sharing serves as a reminder for all of us to always take time for self-growth and gratitude. So tune in, let's embark on this gratitude-filled journey together.