Have you ever wondered how a life-altering health scare could lead to a complete lifestyle transformation? 

Our guest for this episode, Kyle LaPointe,  and his wife Megan not only faced this but turned it into a thriving local farm venture. From their roots in the construction industry to becoming the co-owners of Reviving Real Foods and Texas Foothills, Kyle takes us through their inspiring transition sparked by serious health issues that led to a gluten-free, heart-healthy diet. 

Their journey wasn’t easy, with several challenges including setting up their farm store, distillery, brewery, and tasting room amid a pandemic. Yet, their resilience and innovation helped them navigate through these hurdles to create a flourishing business.  Take a deep dive into their innovative farming methods, an intensive regenerative rotational grazing system, and their unique offerings like goat yoga classes and farm tours, aimed at connecting people with animals.

But their story doesn't stop there. What really stands out is how they have leveraged principles from their previous careers in the construction industry to build a thriving local farm. They've fostered strong community ties and significantly improved their health and well-being. Listen in to hear how they prioritize quality over cost, sourcing organic and Texas ingredients for their products. Discover the benefits of local farming and how it's possible to provide high-quality products at a reasonable rate, all while enjoying a calmer, more fulfilling lifestyle. Experience the passion and commitment that Kyle and Megan bring to their farming venture, a testament to their resilience, creativity, and relentless commitment to quality and health.


Music by: Kim Cantwell

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