Welcome back to My Hometown!!

Aaron is excited to sit down and visit with Chief of police, Guy Green.

Chief Green was born and raised in Bowie and since a little boy wanted to be a police officer and serve in the community he grew up in.  

Aaron and Chief Green have a wonderful conversation about growing up in Bowie, becoming a patrol officer, working up the ranks in the Bowie PD, and what it now means as Chief of Police to serve the citizens of our community.  

Chief Green shares his heart and passion for his community and shares with us the one thing that each citizen can do to help make our community the best community to live in.  

Join Aaron and Chief Green in the Bowie Police Department as the sit down and a heartfelt conversation about our little town we call home.

Music by: Kim Cantwell

Bowie Mural: Located at Creative Cakes

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