Take a deep breath and put down that holiday cookie! 

What if I told you, you could sail through this holiday season without falling off the wellness wagon? Absolutely no “I'll get back on track in January” excuses this time around. This episode of the MindBody Project is all about breaking down the myth of the continual holiday food fest stretching from Thanksgiving to New Year. We're going to treat each celebration as an individual holiday, not a month-long binge.

Join me as I share actionable strategies and practical tips for managing your eating habits and exercise during this festive period. From portion control and pre-eating before parties to understanding the potential pitfalls of finger foods, I've got you covered. We discuss the importance of knowing what's on the menu at holiday gatherings and how to navigate it wisely. Remember, your wellness journey doesn't have to pause because it's the holiday season. Let's make this festive period an extension of our healthy habits, not an exception. 

Welcome to a healthier and happier holiday season!