Ever wondered how life unfolds for a child leaving her birthplace and moving to a whole new world? 

Join us as we explore the life journey of Magnolia Bickford, who moved from the Philippines to the United States at the tender age of nine. Magnolia paints a vivid picture of her family's struggles, her mother's tough decision to move to Saudi Arabia for a better life, and the love of her grandmother, who filled the maternal void. 

A story unfolds of a young Magnolia navigating the unfamiliar terrain of the U.S., coping with cultural shock, and wrestling with challenges like adjusting to a new school and job scene. We delve into Magnolia's personal life, discussing the evolution of her relationship with her husband, and her mother's brave journey of starting her own business. Hear Magnolia's poignant reflections on these life-changing experiences, giving you a glimpse of the resilience and determination that lies at the core of the human spirit.

Our conversation takes a heartening turn as we explore Magnolia's inspiring work in giving back to her home country, the Philippines. Taking a leaf out of her mother's book, Magnolia carries forward the tradition of sending boxes back home and shares her recent trip's touching stories, where she provided food and supplies to local kids. From reminiscing about her childhood in the Philippines to her plans to return, this episode stands testimony to Magnolia's unwavering commitment to making a difference. So tune in, enrich your perspective, and get inspired by Magnolia's journey and her incredible impact on her community.