Are you ready to ditch the hard-core fitness challenges and discover a more attainable, sustainable approach to well-being? 

Aaron will be taking you on a journey through my experiences in the health and wellness industry, revealing how my approach to fitness has evolved over the years. 

Once a proponent of 300 minutes of cardio per week and stringent food logging, my perspective has now shifted towards High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and shorter, purposeful workouts for fat loss and long-term success. I’ll candidly share why certain challenges, like 3 for 31, may not always lead to long-term habit formation. We'll also explore why popular challenges such as 75 Hard or a 14-day slimdown can be enticing, offering immediate rewards like increased energy and improved mood, but may not necessarily translate into enduring habits. 

Instead, I propose that setting achievable goals can be a more effective strategy for long-term lifestyle changes. We'll discuss the importance of having a direction-setting goal to stay motivated and how to create a supportive environment for accountability. So come along, and let's discover together how small, incremental changes, rather than short-term, intense challenges, can lead to lasting results in our journey toward health and wellness.