Ever wondered how a college athlete turned a passion for fashion into a thriving boutique business? 

Meet Addy Cook, a spirited entrepreneur who navigated the challenging transition from an online store to a physical storefront during the uncertain times of COVID-19, all while juggling a full-time banking job. The surprising part? Her banking career proved to be unexpectedly accommodating to her entrepreneurial venture!

Our conversation with Addy takes you behind the scenes of fashion inventory selection and ordering. Hear about her practical approach to shopping using an app that targets local business and the strategic thought process behind each fashion selection. Learn how she tackled the complexities of maintaining a successful boutique, leveraging an app for customer interactions, managing live streams, and creating uniqueness in the market. If you've ever been intrigued about running a boutique, you'll want to hear Addy's insights!

And we're not just talking business. Marvel at the personal side of Addy's journey, as she shares her secret recipe for work-life balance and how baking provides stress relief. She opens up about her love for baking and the pursuit of her perfect sugar cookie recipe. Listen in as we discuss her involvement in community support events, her innovative business ideas, and the importance she places on shopping locally. This intimate conversation with Addy is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and community spirit in entrepreneurial success.

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