Imagine stepping into a cozy salon in the heart of small-town Bowie, Texas, where every client is greeted with warmth and purpose. 

That's the environment Jennifer Harris has lovingly crafted as she shares her journey of bringing her passion for cosmetology to life. As a salon owner, Jennifer has navigated the challenges of building a successful business in a close-knit community, transforming her salon from a business venture to a mission field. Her salon is more than a space for beauty treatments; it's a platform for building deep and meaningful relationships.

Join us in the heartwarming tale of Project Beautiful, an initiative birthed by Jennifer. This project targeted young girls, focusing on boosting their self-worth, and teaching them the essence of true beauty. Jennifer leverages her experiences and the collective support of the Bowie community to make this event a success. Hear how her event, filled with engaging workshops and enlightening talks, has touched the lives of young girls in Bowie and beyond.

Throughout this episode, we uncover inspiring stories of personal growth, the significance of small-town values, and the transformative power of community. Tune in to experience the heartwarming journey of Jennifer.

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Music by: Kim Cantwell

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