Join us as we journey through the remarkable life of Miranda Tate, a beacon of resilience and faith from Bowie, Texas. From her college struggles as an ADD student to her metamorphosis into an inspiring teacher and coach, Miranda's story is a testament to personal growth. Listen in as she recounts overcoming life's obstacles and finding her unique style of learning, all while nurturing deep roots in her hometown.

 Miranda takes us behind the scenes of her vibrant journey, revealing how she built her business, J&M Designs, from scratch. Be inspired by how she balanced motherhood, entrepreneurship, and her faith, all while running a thriving faith-based apparel business. Tune in for her insights on the challenges of launching a business, the art of outsourcing, and the nuances of marketing in today's digital landscape. 

In our final segment, we delve into the heart of relationships and the pivotal role of communication in fostering them. Miranda and her husband share their wisdom on love languages, managing expectations, and the nuances of transparency with their children. Drawing from their experiences, they offer invaluable advice on nurturing relationships and maintaining balance in the whirlwind of life. They also impart wisdom on the delicate balance of entrepreneurship, motherhood, and hosting a podcast. This episode is a treasure trove of love, life, business, and faith, so don't miss out!

Music by: Kim Cantwell

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