It's been a remarkable journey! 

We're at a significant milestone – our 100th episode of the Mind Body Project! 

I want to take you back to the very beginning, tracing the remarkable conversations, the amazing guests, and the incredible content I have shared. The past two years' worth of content has been a voyage of personal growth and evolution, with me often playing the role of guinea pig.  Trials, triumphs, and everything in between, I have covered it all.

Diving into the art of podcasting has been an education in and of itself. The ability to follow the conversation, to take it in unexpected directions, has resulted in some of our most captivating content. This approach has filtered into my other podcast, My Hometown, and has influenced how I perceive other broadcasters' work. But it's not just about the conversations and the guests. The Mind Body Project has been a journey of learning and transformation. A journey that has reiterated one simple truth – we're not alone in our struggles. Each one of us grapples with similar issues, and sometimes, it takes that right moment for things to truly fall into place. 

So here's to our 100th episode, and many more to come, as we continue navigating the fascinating world of mind and body.