Today's episode features Fallon Richey, a lifelong resident of Bowie, Texas, whose journey has led her through a unique path of love, self-realization, and acceptance. She takes us back to her roots, her decision to fast-track her nursing program at TCU, and the sweet tale of matchmaking love that set her on a life full of unexpected turns.

Living in a small town with a child with uniqueness can be quite an ordeal. Fallon dives into the struggles and isolation she encountered, the turning point of acceptance, and the immense impact her youngest son had on her family. She emphasizes the importance of transparency and advocacy for her son's unique needs. Listen closely as she recounts her experiences and shares how these struggles shaped her into the woman she is today.

What happens when you're approached to lead a Kids for Truth program at Central Baptist Church? 

Fallon shares her initial hesitation, the ultimate decision to accept the role, and how it led to unforeseen growth and community outreach. Wrapping up, she implores us to embrace life's messes, find family in unexpected places, and accept the gifts life presents. 

Tune in for a heartwarming, inspiring, and moving conversation with Fallon Richey, a woman who has truly embraced her uniqueness and turned life's curveballs into stepping stones.

Music by: Kim Cantwell

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