Good Morning Friends!!

Last week I had a client ask me how I stay motivated while always motivating others. The question kind of stunned me for a second because I rarely get asked what keeps me motivated. The question was asked under the assumption that I must always be motivated all the time and that is how I am able to motivate others.

I answered the question with a list of tools I use to keep motivated but I also explained that it is impossible to be motivated all of the time. I am no different than anyone else. I am not motivated all the time. So if I am not motivated all of the time, how is it possible to continually motivate others?

Saturday morning I had Spartan training with the team at 6 am which was going to in tale a 6 mile run. I woke up on Saturday morning and had so many other things on my mind and a 6 mile run was one of the furthest things from the list of to do’s.

I woke up with zero motivation to get out of bed and run 6 miles.

I got out of bed, got dressed, and headed to meet up with the team at 6am.

If I wasn’t motivated why did I get out of bed do go run 6 miles when I had so many other things to get done that day?


I had zero motivation to run 6 miles but discipline took over. I am disciplined to make my goal of running a 13+ mile obstacle race at the end of October and knew staying in bed was not going to help me reach my goal.

The process of motivation and discipline will develop over time as long as we are consistent and recognize the signs of each. Our process is unique to us because we are all motivated and disciplined about different aspects in our lives.

We all can’t stay motivated 100% of the time. My challenge to you this week is to find those tools that refuel your motivation meter. Know that there will be moments when there is no motivation with no time to refuel the motivation meter. When those moments happen discipline needs to kick in knowing that your are not motivated but the task at hand must be finished.

Your Friend,