Guess what?

I was mowing again this past weekend and had a thought.  As you can tell I get a lot of thoughts while I am mowing.  

My thoughts as I mowed on Saturday…

About every other month I have a professional service come to fertilize and pre-emergent my yard depending on what time of year we are in.  While I was mowing it dawned on me that while it is the company’s job to come put the chemicals on my yard it is my responsibility to manage the way my yard looks.  I need to water, mow, weed-eat, and blow off all the grass in order for what the chemical company does to look good.  If I didn’t do any of the above the grass would be tall, look unkept, and extremely unmanaged.  

I love to relate my grass and all that goes into it to the upkeep of life. Today is no different.  

Our life is the yard.  

God is the one that fertilizes in the spring and summer seasons while putting down the pre-emergent in the winter seasons.   

We are then responsible for managing the life that God has put time into fertilizing during the growing seasons and pre-emerged (getting us ready for the growing seasons) during the winter seasons.

If we don’t manage properly just as my yard would look, so would my life.  My life would look unkept, out of control, and be just a mess. Just as my yard over the years, so is true with my life, I have been a better manager at times than others.  

My challenge to each of us is to remember we are managers or stewards of what God has given us.  If our yard is a mess it could be because we did not manage well what God has spread in our life for the season we are in.  

How are you managing what you have been given?

Your Friend,