Last weekend my wife, Kim, and I headed out to Midland to see our daughter and we always stay in the same hotel when we go for a visit.  I usually like to try to get in a workout at the fitness center in the hotel.  Well, not sure if it’s much of a fitness center, more of a treadmill, an elliptical, and a few dumbbells.  

Last Saturday I decided to just get some miles on the treadmill at the hotel.  As I was running I noticed some words on the mirror I was facing.  On one side of the mirror the words read, “clear your mind” and on the other side the words ready, “jog your memory”.

I have looked at those words several times the last few months when we went to visit our daughter.  As I looked at those words this time I began to think about them more deeply. 

At first those words seem to not go together.  How are we supposed to clear our minds and jog our memory at the same time? 

I continued to think about the words I realized were spot on right.  We must first clear our minds of all the words and thoughts bouncing around.  Once we can clear those thoughts and words we can begin to clearly jog our memory of what we want and who we are.    

My challenge to each of us this week is to take some time to clear our mind in what manner that means to each of us individually.  Clear our minds and sit with ourselves to fully understand who we are and what we want from life.  

Clear your mind.

Jog your memory.

Your Friend,