Good Morning Friends!!

Change your words.

You are not failing.

You are trying.

You are not messing up.

You are giving.

You are not lost.

You are discovering.

Your words matter.

Your words empower.

Your words create.

Choose wisely.

I found these wonderful words above from Rachel Marie Martin.

Words are an amazing thing. They can change a life with just one. The life the one word changes could very well be our own. We talk to ourselves all the time. I bet just now you said to yourself, not me. Well, you just talked to yourself.

I challenge each of us this week to choose our words wisely. Choose the words you speak to yourself wisely so that you lift yourself up and leave yourself with encouragement instead of discouragement.

Choose the words you speak to others wisely so that you leave them lifted up with encouragement and never discouragement.

Yes, words have power.

What will you do with the power you have been given?

Your Friend,