Good Morning Friends!!

Last week Kim and I had some landscaping done in our flower beds because we had grown tired of our impressive weed garden. We liked to refer to our flower beds, over the last year, as a weed garden so at least it made it sound like we had purposely been growing weeds. In actuality we just couldn’t decide what to put in the flower beds so weeds took over.

While the landscaper was planting the plants we inquired about how the native plants were going to make it through the winter. He told us that during this time of year the native plants we had chosen would take the winter to root deep and would help them flourish when spring and summer arrived.

I began to think about the winter months ahead.

We will have some cold days.

We will have some rainy days.

We will have some windy days.

We will have some cloudy days.

We will have some sunny days.

We look outside and see most days are not too good because they are cloudy, or rainy, or windy, or cold, or just kind of dreary.

The roots of these native plants look at the days as a time to root deep so they can be the best they can be when the seasons begin to change.

We could learn a lesson from these native plants that take the opportunity in the winter to root deep and thrive in preparation for the coming change of season.

We all experience those times of winter when the days are dark and dreary with the wind trying to blow us away. What do we do with our season of winter in our lives? Do we dry up and wither away at the first sign of frost? Or do we take the winter to grow our roots so that when the season changes we can flourish like we never have before.

My challenge to each one of us is when winter comes, take a look inside ourselves to see what we can do to nourish ourselves so that our roots begin to grow deeper and become stronger. No doubt, just like winter comes every year, so will winter come in our lives. Take these winters as an opportunity to grow so that come Spring and Summer you blossom like never before seen.

Winters will come and winters will go.

How will you spend your winter?

Your Friend,