Good Morning Friends!!

A couple of weeks ago I was discussing food choices with a client. My client said she didn’t have any willpower when it came to food, then she asked if that was discipline and followed with, were the two the same? My response was, I feel they are different but I was not sure how but I would find out.

After asking the great Google in space I found the answer. Willpower is a rather sudden burst and momentarily burst of focused energy. Self discipline is structured, well thought out and consistent.

What does willpower and self discipline look like?

The cookies on the kitchen counter sure look good. I am going to have a cookie because it looks and smells so wonderful. No, I am not going to get that cookie because I really want to lose weight. I just exhibited willpower.

The cookies on the kitchen counter sure look good. I have a meal plan for the week and those cookies are not part of my meal plan because I am working towards losing ten pounds. I just exhibited self discipline.

Willpower and discipline can work alone but when they work together they are an unbeatable force.

I challenge each of us this week to focus on exhibiting willpower and discipline in the areas of our lives that need some extra attention and work. Willpower and discipline do not happen by accident. We must intentionally work on exhibiting both each day to create a habit of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and a lifetime of willpower and discipline.

Your Friend,