Over the weekend, my wife, Kim, and I hit the town for a date. We were wild and crazy and went for dinner and a movie. We purchased our movie tickets online and chose the seats we wanted. Our seats were E8 and E9. We were all set with our tickets, our assigned seats in the movie theater.

We went into the theater and found our movie scree and went inside. We looked for E8 and E9 and we looked and we looked. We could not find which row was E. We looked down, around, and everywhere. We finally were about to just give up and sit somewhere when a nice couple a few rows back could see we were totally lost. They shouted out that the letter was on the carpet. We still looked confused and they finally said look down, you’re standing on the letter. We looked down and there was the letter bigger than life on the carpet.

After Kim and I sat down we agreed we certainly needed to get out more. We realized we needed to have more experiences.

Our wild and crazy date reminded me that experiences are the spice of life. We were able to laugh all evening about our inability to find a goofy letter. My challenge to each of us is to remember to get out of your comfy spot and have experiences that might make us laugh and feel goofy. Those are the moments in life that create memories.

Out of our comfort zone creates experiences which create memories.

Start creating your memories and experience life.

Your Friend,