Good Morning Friends!!

What does it feel like when someone says our name when they greet us?

Makes us feel happy?

Makes us feel known?

Makes us feel appreciated?

Makes us feel noticed?

Makes us feel warm?

We can have some or all of these feelings when we are greeted with a “hello” and our name following.

I challenge all of us this week to use others’ names when we are greeting or speaking to friends, family, or people we know this week. Take notice of how their attitude changes when you use their name and they begin to have some of those above feelings that I mentioned.

A bonus challenge this week would be to not only use the person’s name you greet but also use their name while you are having a conversation with them and notice them change once again. We were each given a name for a reason and that reason was to be identified.

Let others know you see them and know their name.

Your Friend,