Good Morning Friends!!

What does your future look like?

Are you working now on what you want your future to be in 5 or 10 years?

The current habits we have now are what will dictate our future.

14 years ago I was sitting at my youngest daughters t-ball game and turned to my wife and said this is not where I thought I would be at this age. She looked at me a little confused. I said “I am a 30 year old man who is extremely overweight, highly in debt, and no college education”.

When I was 25 I saw my future much different than what it actually was sitting at that t-ball game at the age of 30. I had the right habits in place from ages 25-27 and was making progress towards my goals. At age 27, my life changed forever and changed trajectory along with my habits. The habits I had in my mid 20’s changed and within three years caused me to be overweight, in debt, and no college degree.

Shortly after that conversation with my wife on the bleachers of t-ball field number 2, I began to change my habits. I began watching what I ate and started focusing more on my exercise. I started taking a few hours each semester to finish up my college degree. I started taking a look at my financial situation and focusing on the habits that were required to get out of debt.

Fast forward 10 years.

I graduated college with my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology just 1 month before my 40th birthday.

I had lost 100lbs and maintained a weight loss of 80lbs for the past 7 years.

I was debt free and owned my own business debt free.

Our current place in life is due to our past habits. My habits dictated my future. I did not like my current situation at age 30 so I changed my habits to reach my goals by age 40.

My challenge to each of us this week is quite having uphill hopes with downhill habits. If you have hopes, dreams, and goals and you want to reach them then your habits should be aligned with those hopes, dreams, and goals. If you have downhill habits those hopes, dreams, and goals will never be reached.

Uphill hopes, dreams, and goals. Uphill habits.

Your Friend,