Last week I was talking with a friend about gifts, passion, and purpose. I was sharing that everyone is given a gift at birth so if that is true why do so many people never realize their gift.

Some of us never take the time to unwrap our gifts.

How do we unwrap our gift we were given at birth?

We cannot always approach our gift like a five year old on Christmas morning. We can’t just tear into the paper and start unwrapping like crazy.

Sometimes unwrapping our gift looks like my mom unwrapping a gift. My mom takes her time. She peels one side off with tape and then the other side. Then she opens the longest part of the gift and gently removes the paper so as to not tear the paper more than necessary.

To be able to unwrap our gift we must see what comes so naturally for us that we have to apply little effort to share our gift. The unwrapping of our gift may take years to fully develop because we spend years searching from the inside out what our gift is that we have been given.

Be patient with the unwrapping of your gift because when you are intentional with your unwrapping, your gift will reveal itself.

Begin unwrapping your gift…

Your Friend,