Good Morning Friends!!

I wanted to share some Truth Bombs I found last week scrolling through social media.

Healthy grocery shop – $100 – Too Expensive

Dinner date – $100 – Reasonable

Months worth of supplements – $100 – Can’t afford that

Night out drinking – $100 – Weekly occurrence

Start a business – $1000 – I can’t justify that

iPhone XR – $1000 – The newest model is a necessity

Personal growth seminar – $250 – Crazy talk

Gucci belt – $250 – Need to have it

60 mins at the gym – I wish I had time

60 mins watching Netflix – Time flies, watch another one

Everything in life is about priorities. What you prioritize will dictate what your life looks like.

I challenge each of us this week to take a look at the truth bombs in our lives to decide if we like what our lives look like. If the answer is no then it may be time for some changes in priorities in our lives.

Create the life you chose to live.

Your Friend,