Good Morning Friends!!

Kim and I went to San Antonio on Saturday to visit our oldest daughter, Morgan. Traffic was heavy all the way there partly because it is always heavy but also because we are just a couple weeks away from Christmas. We got a little closer to Austin and the traffic started creeping along. After probably about ten minutes of creeping along we passed what was holding up all the traffic, a car and tow truck pulled on the side of the road.

The car and tow truck weren’t on the road but only on the side of the road. The traffic was backed up because passers by wanted to see what was going on, not because there was an obstacle in the road.

We are often like the cars passing the car and tow truck. We slow down to see what is going on on the side of the road and lose focus on our destination. We cause back ups in life sometimes because we stop to see what others are doing instead of looking our road ahead.

I challenge each of us this week to stop causing traffic jams in our life. Stop being concerned with what others are doing and focus on our destination ahead.

Forecast…clear roads ahead.

Your Friend,