When I turned 48 a couple of months ago I made the decision to personally beat obesity for myself by the time I turned 50.  A big lofty goal that will require discipline, focus, and consistency.  I am making progress with my numbers and I am pleased about the forward momentum. 

I have always battled with my weight since childhood and always dreaded the games in physical education class that would have two teams, skins and shirts.  My luck was never shirts.  I was always on the skins team and had to take off my shirt to my embarrassment.  

One of my dreams when I beat obesity in the next couple of years is to be able to not be embarrassed when I have to take off my shirt. This past weekend while I was pushing mowing my yard I decided to shed my shirt.  I live in the country so not many cars pass by and I was hoping that there would be even less then normal pass by.  

While push mowing the yard shirtless I kept thinking about my goal and was picturing myself mowing the yard with the physique I am working towards.  I am nowhere near where I need to be to be confident enough to go shirtless but this past weekend I touched my dream.  I took off my shirt and started to imagine what it would feel like to have it as my goal and be confident without a shirt on.  

I touched the dream of the twelve year old version of me now close to 50 wishing he would not be picked for the skins team. 

My challenge to each of us is to start touching our dreams.  Your dream doesn’t have to have come true yet to be able to touch it.  Like me, the more we touch our dream the more we want it because we can begin to see ourselves there accomplishing all we have dreamed of.  

Like for me, taking off my shirt cost me nothing to touch my dream.  We all have those dreams that we can touch free of charge and we all have those dreams that may cost us a few dollars or a few minutes of time to touch.  

When you arrive at your dream, know how it feels by starting to touch it today.

Your Friend,