Over the last seventeen days my wife, Kim, has been decluttering something different each day. I joke with her that I hope she doesn’t declutter me and get rid of me.

Yesterday I decided to do a little decluttering of my dresser drawer which is a big deal for me. I like to collect and never throw away, because “someday” it may be needed. I emptied out my dresser drawer and threw away the obvious things that I didn’t need then I called Kim to talk me through throwing more away. A drawer that started out full of “stuff” ended with just a few things in it.

Kim said, “don’t you feel so much better opening your drawer and it being so much less cluttered?”

I have to admit I felt much better and for some crazy reason it lessened my stress as I opened the drawer knowing I wouldn’t have to stuff anything in there, that there was plenty of room.

As I have watched Kim declutter all month and then did a little decluttering of my own, I began to think about how periodically we should look at our life and do a little decluttering. Sometimes we keep taking on and piling on in different areas of our life and it begins to wear us down. Life seems to get heavy because of all of our unnecessary clutter.

I want to challenge each of us this week to look at our lives and see where we may be able to declutter.

Maybe our life declutter looks like not saying yes to so many things.

Maybe our life declutter looks like cleaning out some relationships.

Maybe our life declutter looks like sorting out our priorities.

Maybe our life declutter needs some hard looks at what serves us and doesn’t serve us.

Declutter and lighten the load of life.

Your Friend,