Good Morning Friends!!

Last week I had a piece of equipment break at the gym. I took it apart and have to get a little welding done. While I was taking it apart one of the gym members asked me what part broke on the machine.

My response came out of my mouth really before I had time to think about what I was saying. I said “the weakest part broke.”

I thought about our conversation later and thought how very true that was with not just a machine but with ourselves as well.

How true is this when it comes to your exercise and diet plan?

You are rocking along and everything is going great. You go out with some friends or family for dinner. You told yourself you were going to stick to your plan at dinner then with a little persuading, you stray from your plan. What broke down? Your discipline wasn’t strong enough to withstand the pressure from those you went to dinner with.

How true is this when it comes to life?

Life is rocking along and everything is going great. You have a situation arise that challenges your character. You to respond to the situation in a manner that you are not proud of. What broke down? The weak link in your character caused you to respond in a negative manner.

The machine at the gym could handle 200+ pounds but with the crack in the equipment it could barely handle 10 lbs. Just like a piece of equipment at the gym we are capable of being so strong but we are only as strong as our weakest link.

I challenge you, as well as myself, to find our weak links in our lives. We should commit to work on those weak links on a daily basis to help make them stronger. Our weak links will get stronger and we will then discover new weaknesses that we must focus on. The cycle of weak and strong will always be present but we must constantly be working with in the cycle so that we may always be progressing forward.

Your Friend,