Good Morning Friends!!

Last week, I was speaking with a friend about a situation in his life that was a little scary and the process to alleviate the situation and the outcome were unknown. As we talked we realized that the obstacle in his life was weighing heavy on his mind because of the unknown.

The unknown can be scary.

Will the unknown be hard?

Will the unknown be easy?

Will the unknown be painful?

Will the unknown be long?

Have you ever been scared of the dark or know someone that was? Why? In the dark the unknown lies. Waiting. Patiently. Ready.

The unknown can be an uncomfortable place and it is human nature to like to feel comfortable. We don’t want to step in the unknown because not knowing what’s out there will make us feel uncomfortable.

In the darkness we may feel uncomfortable because we cannot see what is waiting for us with our next step.

The way we grow is to become uncomfortable because when we become uncomfortable we try to become comfortable again and to do that we must grow. If we grow through being uncomfortable then the same is true when we are faced with the unknown which is uncomfortable. We will grow through the unknown to find comfort again.

We cannot see the unknown with clarity but we can have clarity that whatever the unknown holds we will grow through it to reach a new level of comfort.

I challenge each of us that when we are faced with the unknown, take it as an opportunity to grow and climb to a new level of comfort. Embrace the unknown, for on the other side of the unknown is where you will find your growth.

Grow through your unknown.

Your Friend,