Good Morning Friends!!

I was having a little trouble the last few days with coming up with just the right story and challenge to share with you this week. I would start to write and find myself deleting what I had written because I just could not get the wording the way I wanted. I repeated this process numerous times, until finally I decided my inability to be able to come up with just the right words, was the exact story I wanted to share with each of you this morning.

Too many times we miss the opportunity to share because we can’t find just the right words or actions with the story we are trying to tell. We feel like we will fumble around and mess the whole thing up when in reality our inability to find the right words is what makes us perfect to tell the story.

I have discussed many times that my biggest challenge in life has and is my weight. I, you, might think that I would be the last person to become a personal trainer giving advice on nutrition and exercise. My challenges have made me the perfect person to share my story and give advice on nutrition and exercise because I know what it’s like for others to battle weight their entire life. I know what it’s like to think you will starve to death while on a diet. I know what it is like to not be able to get out of bed because the soreness from a workout is almost unbearable. I know what it is like to not want to go anywhere because you can’t find any clothes that fit.

We all have different struggles in life and sometimes we tend to hold them in thinking we are the only one with those struggles. We would each be surprised to learn as we share our struggles that there are others with the same exact struggles.

Others that struggle with weight. Others that struggle in relationships. Others that struggle with family. Others that struggle with addictions. Others that struggle with self confidence. Others that struggle with self esteem.

In my struggle I found my answer this morning. I found a story I wanted to share. One of imperfection and struggle. Not every Monday morning email flows from my brain to the keyboard with ease.

I challenge you this week, as I do myself, to share some of your struggles with others not to burden them but to uplift them that they are not alone in the struggle. That they are not on a sinking ship with no life raft. We are in this life together my friends so I encourage you to reach out a hand and help your friend up.

I hope you take my extended hand friend.

Your Friend,